World class operating rooms

// Documentary 2016
Commissioned by: Make Your Mark, Karolinska Institute

Short form documentary on the operating rooms at the The New Karolinska Solna University Hospital.


Vägen till Bråvalla

/// TV series for TV4 2016
Commissioned by: TV4, ENT


Game show where six of Sweden’s top social media stars get ready to visit their first music festival.



Stekare i världsklass

/// Web series for Metro 2015

Commissioned by: Sundqvist, Metro


Branded content food show for Swedish frying pan brand Scanpan starring Swedish journalist Petra Tungården and chef Tommy Myllymäki.


Världens bästa målare

/// Youtube-series 2015

Commissioned by: Halvarsson & Hallvarsson, Måleribranschens yrkesnämnd


Branded content series following Jenny, Sweden’s candidate in the painting category in the competition WorldSkills.


Roligare och nyttigare mat med PT-Fia och Paulúns

/// Web series for Metro 2015

Commissioned by: Orkla, OMD and Metro


Branded content food show for Swedish brand Paulúns with Swedish health experts Sofia “PT-Fia” Sjöström and Fredrik Paulún.


Träningskanalen + Lindahls Kvarg

/// Video campaign 2015

Commissioned by: Skånemejerier


Branded content campaign for Swedish dairy product Lindahls Kvarg on La Vida Locash’s Youtube-channel Träningskanalen.



Tank Till – Youtube-strategy

/// Business strategy for online content 2015

Commissioned by: Utbildningsradion


Youtube-strategy for the public service broadcaster Utbildningsradion (Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company). They wanted to reach out to the difficult age group 12 – 18, a group where their brand was weak. We created the Youtube-channel Tänk Till, a platform for Utbildningsradion’s high quality content aimed at this age group.


This Is How I Roll

/// TV series 2014

Commissioned by: SVT


Reality drama about 17 year old Nattis and her life in the fragile time between child- and adulthood.


En helt vanlig slottsmiddag i Toscana

/// Youtube series 2014

Commissioned by: Wineworld, Pronto Communication


Branded content series for wine brand Barone Ricasoli depicting three of Sweden’s top lifestyle bloggers trip to Toscana.


Vecko-Revyn Blog Awards – #VRNOHATE

/// Video campaign 2014

Commissioned by: TV4, Vecko-Revyn


Viral video campaign starring Clara Henry and Dessie, two of Sweden’s most popular bloggers, in connection to the social media award show Vecko-Revyn Blog Awards.



Tänk Till med Dewide!

/// TV series, 2013 – 2014 / 2 seasons

Commissioned by: Utbildningsradion


Comedy show about youth issues with Swedish Youtube star Dennis “Dewide” Widehammar



/// TV series, 2012

Commissioned by: TV6, Carlsberg, OMD


Documentary series about three Swedish house DJ’s rise to fame. Branded content made in collaboration with Carlsberg.