TV productions

La Vida Locash produces TV formats from initial idea to finished product. Since we created Locash TV 2006, Sweden’s first Youtube series, we have worked towards being Sweden’s leading production company for web TV formats. Our focus is web exclusive content with a premium look and we have a working relationship with all Swedish networks.


Branded Content - How it works

/// Get your message across

Branded content is the perfect way to get your message across in today’s clustered media landscape. La Vida Locash has major experience of integrating brands and messages in our productions in a natural way. We have also created full TV formats together with brands.

/// We create engaging premium content

La Vida Locash know how to create unique content that entices, influences consumer behavior and gives inspiration. For us the key is that the content must entice in it self to make the message come across. You can not force the message upon the viewer. Our team with sharp creators, writers, cinematographers and editors guarantee to provide the exact product that our customer needs.

/// For distribution online

Branded formats can be distributed through Youtube as well as established play channels connected to television networks or other media outlets. We also offer to develop full Youtube strategies for brands.

/// Reach your target group

The advantage with the branded content we offer is that it is more far more cost-effective than a regular TV production. Therefore it is perfect for targeting more niche demographics.

/// Contact us for a price example

It does not matter what your goals or budget are. The format and message can be tailored to fit your brand and budget. Contact us with your brief and we will develop content that will help you reach your goals.


Tobias Hansson


Head of Content

Anders Häger Jönson